Challenging the status-quo of the industry: should we worry?

15 January 2020 | Royal Schiphol Group HQ

The Aviation Management Honours team proudly presents the 15th edition of the Aviation Management Conference. On the 15th of January, 2020, the Aviation Management Conference will be hosted at the Head Office of the Royal Schiphol Group, the Netherlands.

The topic of the conference focuses on disruptions in aviation. The aviation sector is an industry like no other. Everyday challenges arise that threaten the continuation of the operation as we know it. Many of the challenges that we face today originate from game changers of the past. Have we learned from these events and have we been able to cope? And how does the course that we are heading for now affect the future? Will new innovations change current practices or will they help us prevent more disruptions?

All these questions will be touched upon during the conference in both keynotes and break-out sessions. The conference will be hosting speakers from various respected aviation parties & stakeholders. The conference is designed to raise awareness amongst aviation students and professionals about the current problems the aviation industry is facing today and what challenges we are going to cope with in the future.


Partners of the Conference

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Conference Location: Royal Schiphol Group HQ