The Aviation Management Conference is an annual conference about a current issue in aviation. The conference is organised by the Aviation management honours group of the Aviation Academy of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.  The 14th edition of the AM Conference will take place at the Schiphol Head Office on the 16th of January, 2019!

14th Aviation management Conference: Sustainable Aviation

A license to operate in 2050: How do we get there?

The aviation industry is currently at a turning point in history, the path that we choose now will affect the future of the many generations to come.

The 14th Aviation Management Conference ‘Sustainable Aviation, a license to operate in 2050: How do we get there?’ focuses on creating an industry that does not deteriorate its own values and creates enough leeway for future generations to exploit the potential of aviation in a more sustainable manner. In order to achieve this, it will be crucial to find a better balance between society, climate and company.

During the conference, multiple professionals from various industries will share their perspectives on this topic via keynotes and workshops. The broad range of speakers will create an interesting and inspiring environment to take the first steps towards a bright future for the aviation industry and the planet we live in.