Mattijs ten Brink
Managing Director and Chairman at Transavia | Speaker for Industry Relationships
We are very proud to announce Mattijs ten Brink, managing director and chairman of Transavia, as a speaker for the 12th Aviation Management Conference! Mattijs will share his view on the influence of data on modern aviation and will participate in the panel session titled: “The Future of Aviation”. Transavia airlines, or as Mattijs likes to call it: “a tech-company that happens to have aircraft”, transformed into a digital airline, in order to improve the customer journey. We are looking forward to be inspired by one of the game changing organizations in modern aviation!
Mattijs ten Brink LinkedinTransavia Website
Björn Hassert
Head of Strategic Planning at Brussels Airport | Inspirational Speaker for Industry Relationships
The 12th Aviation Management team is proud to announce Björn Hassert as speaker for this years’ conference! Björn Hassert is an experienced Aviation Manager with a focus on strategy and business planning. He has held senior leadership positions with airlines and airports worldwide and is currently the Head of Strategic Planning for Brussels Airport. He previously worked for Melbourne Airport as Head of Strategic Planning and Airport Safeguarding, as well as Head of Capital Planning & Infrastructure Strategy. Björn will be a speaker during the industry relationships session.
Martin Charter
Director of The Centre for Sustainable Design & Professor at University for the Creative Arts | Inspirational Speaker for Sustainability
The 12th Aviation Management is proud to announce Professor Martin Charter as inspirational speaker for the sustainability topic. Martin Charter MBA FRSA is the Founding Director of The Centre for Sustainable Design ® at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) that was established in 1995. He is a former Visiting Professor in Sustainable Product Design at UCA and presently Professor of Innovation & Sustainability at UCA. Martin has more than 25 year’s experience in a wide range of topics related to sustainable business with particular expertise in sustainable innovation and product sustainability. Martin has sat on many international expert committees and advisory boards including World Resources Forum and Eco-innovation Observatory. He led and participated in UK government funded missions and expert groups focused on eco-design and ‘circular economy’ to Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. He is the organiser of the Sustainable Innovation series of international conferences that is now in its 20th year. Martin will inspire us with his knowledge and highlight the importance of sustainability in the today's world.
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Dries van Diepen
Sr. Consultant Mobility at Bostec | Speaker for Industry Relationships
The 12th Aviation Management is proud to announce Dries van Diepen as a speaker for the Industry Relationships topic. Dries is an experienced Senior Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in Mobility (airports) and Industry. He is skilled in Business Process Improvement, Operations & Supply Chain Management, and Project Management. Furthermore, he is a strong consulting professional with a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management Science from Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and has done several projects for Schiphol Group and other airports.
Dries van Diepen Linkedin
Paul Zenon
Corporate Entertainer & Magician | Inspirational Speaker for Safety & Security
The 12th Aviation Management Conference is happy to announce Paul Zenon as speaker for this years’ conference. Paul Zenon is a renowned corporate entertainer, magician, comedian and presenter from the United Kingdom. He will be the inspirational speaker for the Safety & Security topic and will add a touch of magic and comedy to an otherwise heavy subject in modern aviation. Paul is a member of the Inner Magic Circle, with Gold Star status, and was the recipient of their Carlton Award for Comedy in 2015. Furthermore, Paul has a reputation of speaking his mind and being skeptic about every day topics. He performed live talks for TEDx Salford, Centre for Inquiry, Goldsmiths, University of London and several conferences. Each of his performances combines humor with an honest message about a recent topic.
Paul Zenon WebsitePaul Zenon Twitter
Marjolijn Hartwigsen
Management & Strategy Security at Scarabee | Speaker for Safety & Security
The 12th Aviation Management Conference is proud to announce Marjolijn Hartwigsen as speaker for the Safety & Security topic. Marjolijn is a young professional that is currently Management & Strategy Security at Scarabee. After her master in Strategic Product Design at the Delft University and a graduation internship at Scarabee, she started working for Scarabee in oktober 2016. Scarabee is an international company with offices around the globe. With over 25 years’ experience, we work closely together with the world’s leading airports and airlines and business partners, developing unique, innovative and tailor-made solutions for the passenger and baggage handling and security sector.
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Jan Middel
Senior Scientist / Projectmanager at Dutch Aerospace Centre (NLR)
The 12th Aviation Management team is proud to present Jan Middel as speaker for the sustainability topic. Mr. Middel is currently Senior Scientist / Projectmanager at NLR and previously worked for the Delft University of Technology. At the NLR, mr. Middel is responsible for the initiation and implementation of innovative, complex, multidisciplinary projects. His presentation will cover the developments of their Clean Sky project and is titled: "The Environmental Impact at Airport Level".
Jan Middel Linkedin
Geert Boosten
Head of the Aviation Academy | Speaker
Mr. Boosten will open this year's conference with a welcome speech at 09:00 sharp. Geert is the head of the Aviation Academy and is therefore comitted to students and the future of aviation.