Research Topic

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic in today’s world. The rapid industrialization in the 20th century has seen the health and wealth of almost the entire population on earth grow rapidly. The introduction of machines that used fossil fuels powered the ideas and visions beyond what we could have ever imagined before. This change was perceived as the natural path to follow and for a long time, no one thought about the consequences for their direct and indirect environment.

However, environmental issues such as CO2 and other Greenhouse Gas emissions, as well as global warming, were not regarded to back then. These topics have become the driving force behind sustainability as they are posing a direct threat to the world we live in today.
In modern aviation, aircraft are still burning fossil fuels and thereby emitting CO2 and other Greenhouse Gasses into the atmosphere. Even though aircraft have become over 80% more efficient per seat kilometer than those of the early 1960s, the aviation sector still accounts for around 2% of global CO2 emissions (ATAG).

Because of these facts, airlines around the world feel a responsibility to address these problems and incorporate environmental challenges and targets into their corporate goals. This has caused a rapid growth in the use of sustainability, corporate social responsibility and environmental reports by airlines. These reports are, however, not mandatory and are to a large degree non-regulated. Airlines are free to determine their own reporting methodology, which raises the question as to what degree the reports are valuable and accurate.

Our research will identify key differences in airline reporting methodology and determine local and global trends and differences. It will also compare airline reports and statements with industry standards and proposed agreements made by ICAO or other regulatory bodies in the world.

Sustainability Speakers


Moderator – Omid Aazami

Omid Aazami will lead the panel discussion of the sustainability topic. He is the owner of Bright-Independent, an aviation consultant company and is the sustainability expert of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The participants of the panel discussion include:

  • Prof. Martin Charter
  • NLR
  • Tom Sutherland (Environmental Manager TUIfly Netherlands)