AM Organization 2017

AM Organization 2017


The 12th Aviation Management Conference is organised and hosted by fourteen highly motivated and enthusiastic students of the Aviation Management honours programme. This one-year, intensive programme of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences offers students a well-rounded education in research, industry knowledge and personal management effectiveness. It is based on interactive sessions by renowned (guest) lecturers, workshops where theoretical knowledge is put into practice, and invaluable company internships. For more information about the honours programme click here.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our Aviation Management Conference on Wednesday January 18th, 2017!

The Aviation Management class of 2016-2017:

Stacey Choi
Aron Driessen
Sam van Gammeren
Sterre Hauwert
Maria Johanson
Eline van der Kooij
Jelle van der Munnik
Rutger Niemeijer
Thom Odijk
Latifa Parotte
Fabian Rutte
Wouter Veenstra
Maico Voets
Bas Wiggerman