Tickets & payment:

  • How do I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets via our ticket page. You will be redirected to the website of our partner SVAAA for registration and payment. Once the payment is received, you can download your ticket. Check your spam-box to make sure you receive the confirmation email.

  • Why is the registration website in Dutch language? How can I order tickets as a foreign visitor?

Unfortunately, our partner SVAAA can only provide a Dutch ticket infrastructure. We are happy to help our foreign guests with registration via, please include your first-, surname and passport/ID number.

  • Do I get a receipt for payment?

The confirmation e-mail includes a receipt of payment, including your address. You can download this email for declaration.

  • Why do you ask for my document ID?

Due to security reasons at our conference location, we need to share your document-ID and official name with the security department of Royal Schiphol Group N.V.

  • I did not receive any confirmation email/the email says the order status is pending.

In case the email says that the order status is pending, we have to confirm the order by hand. This might take a couple of days. If you did not receive any email from us, we are happy to help via

  • Can I cancel my ticket?

You cannot cancel your ticket. However, tickets are interchangeable. Please inform us before January 12 by emailing to


About the conference

  • When do I get more information about the conference?

We will post frequent updates about the conference on our facebook and website. Approximately one week before the conference, you will receive an email including all the practical details.

  • Where will the conference take place? How can I reach the conference location?

The conference will take place at the headquarter of Royal Schiphol Group. We advice to travel by public transport. For more information on reaching the location click here.

  • What do I have to bring with me?

Your passport/ID-card and ticket (either digitally or printed).

  • Will the conference provide catering?

Catering is included during the conference. This is powered by Royal Schiphol Group.