Piet Ringersma
Senior Airport Architect at NACO
Piet Ringersma is a Senior Airport Architect at NACO. NACO is a world-leading airport consultancy and engineering firm with over 65 years’ experience working in the aviation and air transport industry. Mister Ringersma will provide us with a keynote about airport innovations, to convert limits into opportunities for airport infrastructure.
Jelte Altena
Business Developer at Hardt Hyperloop
Jelte Altena is Business Developer at Hardt Hyperloop, Europe’s first company that is fully dedicated to the development of the revolutionary new transportation system that is faster than airplanes and has zero emissions of greenhouse gases during operations: the hyperloop. Mr. Altena will provide us with a keynote about the first Hyperloop system in The Netherlands and how this development will influence the aviation system of the future.
Rogier Lieshout
Head of the Aviation Department at SEO Amsterdam Economics
Rogier Lieshout is Head of the Aviation Department at SEO Amsterdam Economics. SEO Amsterdam Economics numbers public authorities, airports and airlines in the Netherlands and abroad among its customers by providing thorough and innovative research into aviation economic issues. Mr. Lieshout will provide us with a keynote about the importance of Schiphol for the Dutch economy, the consequences of the capacity problem and the short and long-term solutions.
Maikel van den Ham
Safety Engineer at Transavia
Mr. van den Ham is the Safety Engineer of Transavia. He will provide us with a keynote about safety in aviation for the long-term. This is relevant because one of the limits for Schiphol to grow is the report about the airport its safety, published by the Dutch Safety Board. Next to his keynote, Mr. van den Ham will also be the moderator of the second panel discussion.
Adrian Young
Senior Aviation Consultant at To70
Mr. Young will provide us with an interesting keynote regarding technologies and processes to facilitate efficiency and safety. Currently, airports are seeking for ways to improve their design by expanding their terminal or creating a new one to create more efficient and safe capacity. However, when taking a look at airport terminals, more efficiency and safety can also be sought in implementing different technologies and processes.
Guillaume Burghouwt
Strategist at Royal Schiphol Group
Mr. Burghouwt is a strategist at Royal Schiphol Group. During his presentation he will zoom in on the connectivity of Schiphol Airport and the scarcity of capacity at the airport.