Intercontinental aviation as an Underground system
Air travel has been provided by airlines in the same way since the beginning of aviation. The way we use aircraft today might not be the most efficient in terms of capacity optimization and use of facilities. Can the aviation sector learn from other transport modes like rail and subway? In our research we take a look at the Dutch railway system and the London underground. Time-table free travel and high frequencies will enable passengers to get to their intercontinental destinations at any time.

CDM meets Sesar
The implementation of Airport CDM is an on-going project at airports. The concept of Airport CDM is developed by Eurocontrol in order to have up to date target take-off times. In theory, Airport CDM should have a positive effect on the allocation of airport facilities due to the increased predictability of the aircraft. The research performed results in an article that deals with the question; did the implementation of Airport CDM have fruitful results regarding the turnaround times of aircraft at the airport?

Emirates A380: Threat or opportunity
Emirates has been a lot in the news lately: they’re expanding operations from Dubai, going into a partnership with Qantas and purchasing more than 200 aircraft, whereof 63 A380’s are on order. What is Emirates’ strategy and what will this strategy mean for KLM’s hub operation and the Amsterdam region? Moreover, how important is the relation between connectivity and being part of a network such as Skyteam? The question is if Emirates is a threat or that it can be an opportunity?

Promising innovations in other industries
The innovation process in the aviation industry seems to be in a downward peak, only a few incremental innovations have been implemented the last decades. On the operational side of the industry, a more radical, disruptive innovation process might be needed in order to cope with future challenges. How can the innovation process in aviation be speed up? What can be learned from other industries? How could innovations of other industries be used in aviation? Or is there a need for a more radical change in aviation, a mindset change that covers more than innovation process optimizations?