The research topics of the 2015 conference focused on scenarios that would take place in the year 2050. These scenarios were narrowed down to the influence they will have on the aviation industry.

Further, each scenario was discussed by a specific guest who presented how a particular scenario would influence his company.
The four chosen scenarios are the following:

  1. Mega Cities to Protect Mankind;
  2. Globalized and Time-driven World;
  3. The Space Race – Fighting for Survival;
  4. Free Knowledge, Small Footprint

1. Mega Cities to Protect Mankind

It is the year 2050, the world suffered of global naturalWorld 1 disasters. The sea level has risen and has erased the world centre points as we knew in 2015. People are forced to look for saver regions to rebuild their major capital cities. Countries cannot survive without cooperating as a continent, so continents are the new countries. Continents do not work together, they are too busy to rebuild their own habitat.

2. Globalized and Time-driven World

World 2The world is regulated by one regulatory body, which is formed due to historical geopolitical influences and the need for stability and a uniform mind-set. Cultures are fading away as they interfere with the uniform mind-set. One language is introduced and implemented to make communication easier. There are no borders and it is not allowed to take what you can get. The more efficient and sustainable you live the more time you have for yourself. Time is a very essential actor in 2050. Time to travel the world and also give to the world what the world gives you.

3. The Space Race – Fighting for Survival

WorldDue to an outbreak of a highly contagious virus, more than half of Earth’s population is killed. The outbreak and its consequences led to rapid changes in living conditions and living communities on Earth. Peoples mind-set shifted from globally oriented to Charles Darwin’s: “Survival of the fittest”. The fittest communities invested massively in new technology and innovations to escape Earth leading to rapid developments in the commercial spaceline industry, which influenced the aviation on Earth as well. Each community has its own space flight enterprise that is trying to hop between Earth and space safely and efficiently. It is a race to escape the world as soon as possible.

4. Free Knowledge, Small Footprint

World 4It is 2050, people are used to the implemented brain chip which allows everyone to access knowledge and data freely. This open access platform allows spreading of knowledge over the world and improves welfare globally. This platform in combination with the urge for a sustainable way of living resulted in the existence of Greencoins, a new currency based on ecological footprint. This ecological footprint will have great impact on aviation as sustainability is the key element. Aviation will be in a more individual way, though in an optimal form in terms of ecological impact. This world poses new problems; will there be a need for business travellers?